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WorkoutJournal Pro for iPad

WorkoutJournal Pro was designed exclusively for personal trainers. Trainers can conduct fitness assessments, record client workouts and track session usage--all from the same app!

Whether you work for a health club or you're an independent trainer--WorkoutJournal Pro will help give you the preparedness and professional edge you need to succeed.


* Take Before and After Photos

* Enter any Cardio, Strength or Stretching Exercise Names you want

* Use Client Workout Templates to avoid re-entering regular exercise routines

* Track client progress with Body Measurements, Fitness Tests and Exercise Charts

* Keep vital client information on-hand like Par-Q and Health History Forms with Client Signature

* Conduct various Fitness Tests such as 3-Minute Step, Sit & Reach, Push-ups and Curl-ups

* Direct Body Fat % entry, Resting Heart Rate, Body Weight, Chest, Waist & Hips Circumference Measurements

* Create and Assign Workout Sessions, View Sales, Earnings and Session Usage Reports

* Both English and Metric Measurement Systems are accommodated

* Designed for Personal Trainers by Personal Trainers

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