Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, NY

"I have been working with Haize Fitness for the past several months. The staff is very professional, responsible and nice. At Haize Fitness, the clients definitely come first and there is a clear dedication to helping people get fit and live healthier lives. My trainer is amazing because he is very knowledgeable, very professional and is able to motivate me to meet my weight loss goals. I have already seen results and I have no doubt that I will achieve my goals with Haize Fitness. I highly recommend Haize Fitness for personal training!"

 - Colleen T. 

Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY

"I just turned eighty-eight and I wanted to keep fit with regular weight training and cardio. Without a personal trainer to workout with, you cannot be getting much out of your efforts. My trainer sees that I am doing each exercise as it should be done, taking care that I gain the most for my efforts spent. Working with my trainer has made me look and feel great and years younger!" 

- Frank M. 

Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY 

"My desire was to strengthen and tone my body. I never really worked out with weights before and had no idea where to begin. So I sought the help of a personal trainer. He designed a concentrated program tailored to fit my needs. He took the time to explain each exercise and show me which muscle group I’m working. He was always willing to listen to my questions and always able to give me a precise, knowledgeable answer. My trainer was very aware of my abilities and how far he could push me, always to the limit, never beyond." 

- Trace D.

Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

"I was recovering from two major hip operations, and was very cautious about starting to exercise. I wanted to work with a personal trainer who was experienced and very knowledgeable about how to strengthen the body safely. Haize fulfilled that role and was extremely professional and personable in his manner. I am very thankful to him for helping me restore my body and confidence to health. I would heartily recommend Haize to anyone seeking a personal trainer."

 - Deborah M. 
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