FoodJournal for iPad

FoodJournal for iPad App

FoodJournal for iPad

FoodJournal for iPad was designed to help our personal training clients become more aware of the foods they were putting into their bodies. And now you too can benefit from it. 

With FoodJournal for iPad, you will not only keep an accurate account of your daily nutrition and caloric intake, but you will also be able to track the physical changes in your body over time as as well. There is no fooling yourself. You will become more acutely aware of your overall progress.


* No internet connection or online account needed

* Enter your own food photos and any food details you want 

* Use meal templates for fast, efficient food entry

* Monitor Calories Consumed, Calories Burned, Net Calories, Fat, Carbs, Protein & Water Intake

* Schedule your personal body log entry every week, month or 3-months 

* View Body Log and Nutrition Charts to track your progress at a glance  

* Email both Body Log and Nutrition Charts data to others 

* Stay motivated by viewing your Current Stats & Average Cardio Trend  

* Designed and approved by real Fitness Professionals

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