Fitness Assessment App

Fitness Testing App

The Fitness Assessment App

Test and rank clients, athletes, or even friends with the new Fitness Assessment App. Set goals, track progress, and email vital chart reports to test subjects.

All tests are simple to administer and you don't need expensive equipment to perform them. 

The Fitness Assessment tests are also presented in a specific sequence to help make sure that one test does not affect the other. However, you do have the option to administer each test in any sequence you want. 

​​Tests include: 

* Resting Heart Rate (overall conditioning)

* Body Fat Percent (body composition)

* Stork Stand (balance)

* 3-Minute Step (cardiovascular endurance)

* Push-Up (upper body strength and endurance)

* Sit-Up (abdominal strength and endurance)

* Squat (lower body strength and endurance)

* Sit and Reach (lower back and hamstring flexibility)​​

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